Bow fishing in Kentucky has been a growing sport for many years. It is something perfect for the entire family to do together. With 29 species of fish being allowed to be taken by bow and arrow, Kentucky has some of the best bow fishing in the country. Here at Blue Wing Landing Outfitters we have 3 licensed guides for the water who know the river extremely well. They know just where to take you in order to get you on some of the best bow fishing spots around. Each trip consists of a 4 hour period on the water either during high noon or a night time trip. Within the four hour period you can expect to take anywhere from 30 to 100 shots within your four hour period, shooting at some of the strangest species that this country has to offer. The most common of these species being:

Bowfin, Buffalo, Carp (common/bighead/silvers/grass/and more), Drum, Gar (long nose/ short nose/ and spotted), Koi, Paddlefish, Suckers (all kinds), and Catfish (most states do not allow bow fishing for catfish, however Kentucky is one of the few that does)

With the Asian carp (silvers and big heads) being an invasive species to Kentucky, the WMA and KRA are greatly encouraging bow fishing to help regulate the growth of these species.

NOTE: Bowfishing requires a fishing license and can be purchased through the state at